Blend, hamburger gourmet

Restaurant Blend, hamburger gourmet in ParisBlend, hamburger gourmet (Paris)

After a trip to the USA, his dreams filled with burgers, Victor Garnier launched Blend. Four years later, Paris’s first gourmet burger bar still has the upper hand. The recipe for their success? A décor that’s in line with the times (black and white walls, a light wood communal table), finely sourced products (beef mix chosen with the star butcher Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec), and everything, everything homemade! The buns, the fries, the pickles, the ketchup… The result: juicy, soft, flavorful burgers that you savor with a Demory wheat beer (€5) or a freshly squeezed orange juice on Sundays (€4). And for dessert: really soft cookies, like the white chocolate, hazelnut ones… Burgers €10, sides €4-5, desserts €2-4, formula €15 (weekday lunch). // V.B.

Getting there

Restaurant Blend, hamburger gourmet
44, rue d'Argout
TEL: +33 1 40 26 84 57
Subway: Bourse, Sentier, Etienne Marcel