Where to spend your New Year’s gifts?

We’re losing our traditions they say… But not our New Year’s money from Grandma! A thick envelope, a bill folded over six times, a blank check or a silver coin – whatever you receive, you’ve got to find a way to spend it over the holiday season. And we’ve got a few suggestions…

Where to spend €400 (or more)? In Brittany, for the love of Doué! Celebrate your generous benefactors by treating yourself to a winning combo: a night in a room facing the Mont Saint Michel at the Ferme du Vent (€275) and dinner at Le Coquillage, located at the water’s edge (€81). And the cherry on the kouign-amman? You can indulge in oysters at Breiz Café (€35), where our Fooding Award Winner of 2011, Bertrand Larcher, works.

Where to spend €250? Dine like a prince at Le Clarence, at the taxpayer’s expense. Let yourself be courted by king Pelé, elected Le Guide Fooding’s Best Chef of 2009, and savor the dinner menu (€190) while sipping on the MOF selection of Petrus wines with your remaining €60. Royal!

Where to spend €97? By playing Robin du Bois Basalte around a wood-burning stove, at a forest cabin in the Auvergne region (€90 a night in the winter season). Then, in the morning, devour your breakfast basket (€7 per person) with a view of the Chaîne des Puys. Oo-de-lally!

Where to spend €65? At the heart of Lyon’s historic center, in this hybrid auberge with a Scandinavian feel, where you can share a Japanese capsule space at the Away Hostel for a mere €23 a night. Leaving you enough money to savor the four-course menu at Les Apothicaires (€42), with its many herbaceous potions and smoked hake roe, an utterly bewitching experience.

Where to spend €36? On Avenue Parmentier in Paris, at the virtuous Yann Couvreur’s very first boutique. Send the youngest amongst you under the table and choose a king with help from a cream of walnut galette des Princes, as tradition dictates!

Where to spend €25? At the very up-to-date Bluebird. Place your trust in the expert Liquid Corp bartenders/boy band and, for €25, sip on two cocktails while snacking on Kalamata olives in a relaxed, 1950s West Coast ambiance.

Where to spend €12.90? Follow the guide! If you want to stay informed about the best restaurants of the year, don’t forget to get your hands on the 2017 vintage of Le Guide Fooding. Also available at your local bookstore.

Where to spend €10? At all good bookstores! Give into the temptation of Marion Fayolle’s irresistible Coquins, the illustrator who did Le Guide Fooding’s latest cover. We promise it’ll spice up your bedtime reading material….

Where to spend €5.80?In Strasbourg, of course! After leaving the Christmas markets with your arms full of bredele, head to the very popular East Canteen for a plate of juicy gyoza, made with thin and crispy dough and stuffed with ground chicken and marinated vegetables!

Coline Le Houezec