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Ballroom du Beef Club

Bar Ballroom du Beef Club in ParisBallroom du Beef Club (Paris) - © Ballroom du Beef Club

Hidden underneath the Beef Club, there’s a speakeasy that you access via a discreet door on rue Jean-Jacques-Rousseau. The Ballroom feels like Al Capones’ headquarters, with a shadowy ambiance, an ornate tin ceiling and big upholstered couches. The Experimental Group (which already runs the Prescription Cocktail Club, the Experimental Cocktail Club and the Grand Pigalle Hotel) hasn’t messed with their winning formula: a short cocktail list (eleven choices) made with carefully selected alcohols, fresh fruit and homemade syrups. Perfect for stimulating your appetite, the Lillibiscus, made with a 2002 Mezan Guyana rum, homemade hibiscus syrup and ginger ale, cleverly mixes sweet and bitter flavors. And for secret meetings of criminals on the run, you can order a pitcher of vodka-cardamom punch for five (€65). There are snacks as well (plates of cecina for €12), live concerts on Tuesdays and DJs on the weekends. Cocktails €13-14, mocktails made with the fruits of the moment €9. // A.B.

Getting there

Bar Ballroom du Beef Club
58, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
TEL: +33 9 54 37 13 65
Subway: Les Halles