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Bar du Libertino

Bar du Libertino in ParisBar du Libertino (Paris)

Hidden underneath the buzzing Libertino trattoria (the latest addition to the Big Mamma family), there’s a cocktail spot rigged out like a ‘70s club – a disco ball-style bar, psychedelic red and orange carpeting, vermillion barstools… You’ll find a team of bartenders dressed in kitsch aprons busy at work remixing the classics. We got a taste of a few of the fifteen creations, including the Fashioned Week (whiskey, pecan syrup, bitter cranberry chai, applewood smoke, €10), a fruity version of an Old Fashioned, and the Zerotto (Martini Biano and Martini Bitter, Chinotto Lurisia soda, ginger cordial, orange bitters, €8), a direct descendant of the Americano. Otherwise, as even less of an affront to your wallet (just €4!), you can opt for the alcohol-free Mangonnade made with lemon, mango syrup and a blue flower-infused soda. For a bite to eat? There’s San Daniele ham (€8), ricotta-truffle bruschetta (€11), burrata (€12)… // A.B.

Getting there

Bar du Libertino
44, rue de Paradis
TEL: No phone number
Subway: Poissonnière, Cadet