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Bar du Mob Hôtel Lyon

Bar du Mob Hôtel Lyon in LyonBar du Mob Hôtel Lyon (Lyon)

In a rusty metal parallelepiped in the new Confluence neighborhood, Cyril Aouizerate has camped out his second MOB hotel, a modern hippie-dippie motel that was originally launched in Saint-Ouen. The night we went, we decided to skip the terrace and the couches on the first floor, and take a seat in the baroque dining room – a giant stag statue, a giant foosball table, a portrait of Frida Kahlo, a massive library… Where, in between pilates classes and a DJ set, we dug into a menu of eight signature cocktails distilled by someone who used to work at Soda Bar (Lyon) and Silencio (Paris): a passionate Mojito Flower with Champagne, cachaça, Saint-Germain and lime (€14); a girly Brize Azteque with red pepper, tequila, lime, bitters and tonic water (€14); or an alcohol-free Mob is Fresh made with fresh grapefruit juice, elderberry cordial, lemongrass, lime and sparkling water (€10). Plus, there’s Strack beer (€8) organic Saint-Joseph wine from the Domaine Jolivet (€9) served by the glass, ginger ale (€4), organic lemonade (€6) or cold-infused Umà teas (€6.). To sponge it all up, order a pizza (€12-18) or a vegan burger (€18). // A.S.

Getting there

Bar du Mob Hôtel Lyon
55, quai Rambaud
TEL: +33 4 58 55 55 88