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French Riviera

Bar French Riviera in ParisFrench Riviera (Paris) - @ Ronan Le May

With its eye-popping red and white striped awning, French Riviera plays up the picture-perfect angel of a retro, sunny bar on the ground floor (white tiled walls, engraved zinc, old posters), with the added bonus of a cozy lounge with peacock blue walls and camel-toned leather benches upstairs. After a stint at the 1905, mixologist Adèle Fardeau has the cicadas singing in your glasses with her nine creations. They include a Bandol with bitter anise notes (Cognac, Lillet rouge, Ricard and bitters, €13), a very lemony Menton (lemon-infused vodka, kaffir lime liqueur, homemade spelt wheat syrup, lemon and egg white, €12), and a Pampelonne (prosecco, lavender-infused Pampelle, €13) that’s a descendant of the classic Spritz. As for the snacks, there’s tapenade (€9) or good Corsican chestnut sausage (€15) to nibble on. // A.B.

Getting there

Bar French Riviera
14, rue Froissart
MOBILE: +33 6 19 28 28 05
Subway: Filles du Calvaire