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Bar Hero in ParisHero (Paris) - © Hero

After Candelaria, Glass and Mary Celeste, this gifted team of mixologists and cooks has struck again, enchanting Mattias Castro’s sensational Korean dishes with their magic potions. In this strange pandemonium (cinderblocks, marble, tables made from strips of wood, frilly details and projections on the walls) designed by Jeanette Dalrot from Sweden (A&D) and the New York agency Safari Sundays, the affair revolves around yangnyeom: crispy fried chicken, covered in a sweet and sour garlic sauce or a spicy gochu jang sauce. Share everything as much as possible so as not to fill up too quickly, since before, during and after, you’ll want to make room for kimchi, served plain or in mac & cheese, the jellyfish and green apple salad, the buns filled with pork ribs, pickled cabbage and homemade mayo, and even this funny dessert: roasted sweet potato, meringue, chocolate and maple syrup… All savored while drowning in a smooth Bubble Trouble cocktail (orgeat, almond milk, absinthe, bekseju and tapioca pearls, €10), taking a bubble bath (Boisson Rouge from Emile Hérédia at €26, Minéral champagne from Agrapart at €125) or heating things up with soju (shots at €3, bottles from €10 to €58). Our recommendation: head upstairs where it’s less crowded than the bar below, or the kitchen table in the basement, which seats six. Reservations online. Chicken €19 to €23 (half bird), €36-43 (whole bird), siders €7-9.50, desserts €6-7. // Yves Nespoulous

Getting there

Bar Hero
289 Rue Saint Denis
TEL: No phone number
Subway: Bonne Nouvelle, Strasbourg-Saint-Denis, Sentier
Website: heroparis.com