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Bar L'Orangerie in LyonL'Orangerie (Lyon) - © L'Orangerie

Behind a beautiful wooden façade, the old-fashioned interior of L’Orangerie (a kitsch Italian fresco, a tiled bar, untreated wooden tables, wicker, plastic plants, a fake verrière) is filled with long-forgotten liqueurs like La Farigoule (infused with thyme), the RinQuinQuin (with peach) and Extrême d’Absente, made fashionable once again in their delicious long drinks (€6.50). Take, for example, the Orangette de Jeannette with Cointreau, Orange Colombo and lemonade – or the summery Americano des Alpes that places its money on gentiane and Routin Original, with raspberry syrup and sparkling water. And don’t forget about the nice regionalized classics like the gin and tonic mixed with an Auvergne Monsieur Balthazar whiskey and a pink peppercorn tonic water. To sponge it all up: croque monsieur platters (with cured ham and tomme cheese) or cheese plates from Les Halles Bocuse (€12-14). What’s more, they’ve got Coq Hardi served by the half pint for €2.80 and expensive soft drinks – €4.50 for ginger beer, €4 for ChariTea… // A.S. 

Getting there

Bar L'Orangerie
4, rue du Jardin-des-Plantes
MOBILE: +33 6 77 89 20 77
Subway: Croix Paquet