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La Queue du Coq

Bar La Queue du Coq in AnnecyLa Queue du Coq (Annecy) - © La Queue du Coq

In the British colonies, a workhorse with a cut tail sticking up straight like a rooster’s tail feathers was called a “cocktail,” which meant, by extension, anything of mixed origin, any bastard product, especially when talking about spirits…. Like those at this Queue du Coq, a bar with a discreet facade where Alexandre Girard (ex-l’After Work) and Baptiste Rouiller are busy at work while dressed in Hawaiian shirts and palm tree-printed aprons. On their menu, you’ll find fifteen cocktails crafted in keeping with the season. In the summer, for example: Full Metal Rocket, a fresh and herbaceous drink with Beefeater gin, fresh arugula, lemon juice, simple syrup and walnut bitters, or the earthier Racines Fumées, made with Mezcal, lime juice and a honey-ginger syrup, topped with a thick sparkling beetroot mousse! Also worth tasting, as you’re seated up straight on the industrial barstools or sprawled out in one of the Chesterfield noir couches, a few well-chosen beers (Snake Dog IPA from California, €6.50 for 35 cl), a Brazilia Mule with ginger beer, passion fruit purée, orange juice and lime (€7), or even, if you’re in a group of three or four, a classic white rum or vodka punch (€40). // A.S.

Getting there

Bar La Queue du Coq
10, rue Vaugelas
TEL: + 33 9 81 26 95 00