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Le Confidence

Bar Le Confidence in ParisLe Confidence (Paris)

Has Philippe Starck settled down? In this highly civilized little spot inside the 5-star hotel 9Confidentiel, decorated with his daughter Ara, everything is bathed in a gentle warm glow, from the light wood and bricked brass to the cream-colored couches. There’s nothing too provocative, and the jazzy tunes and mirrors lined with black and white photographs almost make the cozy space feel like a bourgeois post-war hotel. But mixologist Nico de Soto (who is also at Danico) has kept his rock ’n’ roll edge. Of his nine signature cocktails, the Aurore (aquavit, ginger, ginseng, saffron, lime and soda, €15) should give your mouth a good tingle, while the Confidentiel (gin, St-Germain, rose, cucumber, basil, lime and egg white, €16) has the sweetness of an aquatic flower. Otherwise, there are mocktails upon request, and luxurious snacks: smoked salmon (€26), chorizo risotto (€22)… // A.B.

Getting there

Bar Le Confidence
58, rue du Roi de Sicile
TEL: +33 1 86 90 23 33
Subway: Saint-Paul, Hôtel de Ville