The Best Baise & Breakfast Spots for Valentine’s Day

Enough talk about food! Just like every other year, we’re here to remind you that no dinner could ever possibly be as satisfying as a good romp in the sheets. So, if no amount of bacon beats getting naked, what should you do about Valentine’s Day? We’ve got a few suggestions.

The best at sharing

Who ever said that Lyon was an uptight city? In the rapidly evolving Guillotière neighborhood, the Ho36 youth hostel encourages new encounters and exchanges. So, opt for the attic Atelier, a charming dormitory, fitted for 2, for 4 or for 6, and invite a few friends along to explore all the various possibilities.

The most screams and whispers

Behind the transparent curtains, on La Maison Plûme’s private terraces, a thousand romantic promises and vows are whispered, before evaporating into the rushing Seine… Get out your straw hats and the complete works of Victor Hugo, it’s time to row in rhyme.

The breeziest

Does the industrial feel of the Maison Bréguet inspire you? Do you have a taste for glass canopies and planes, beautiful watches and well-oiled machines? This hotel chiseled out from a former dry cleaner’s shop was made just for you. Haute-couture rooms for Valentine’s Day equipped with incredible spa-sized bathtubs where you can soak in peace.

The best hugs

An artsy extravagance with a glass roof, the Villa La Coste is the ideal sunny getaway spot to blow your rainy-day fund on. With your mind liberated from the weight of your savings and all the future projects you had planned for them, you can let your imagination run wild while spending the day in bed. The Low Coste Villa.

The most elmer food beat

The country air is good for you. Toss your half-empty suitcase into the trunk of a rented tractor, step on the gas and head on over towards the Périgord Pourpre for a bite of the Côté Verger apple. A divine trip in the open meadows awaits, with a pastoral cacophony and (s)extensive agriculture.

The most scribbled on

Photos of streetwalkers and trannies plastered on the walls, a cheeky Mickey Mouse at the front desk…. We’ve never found a better place than the Hôtel Amour for a booty call. It certainly feels like an East Germany production company abandoned their red and black sets from a 1970s porno, and now it’s up to you to direct the stylish scenes. Black glasses, leather, golden chains: #balancetonpig(alle).

Paul-Henry Bizon

Photo © Amour Hotels