Competition-promotion rules


Article 1 – Organization

The company MMM! SAS (Organizing Company), 25 boulevard Bonne Nouvelle 75002 Paris, organizes competitions and promotions (Game) on its website ( and its social networks that are free and without obligation of purchase. The competitions and promotions take place over several phases on dates to be defined on the website at the URL address “” or on the corresponding social networks and communicated via email to participants who have registered on

The competitions and the promotion of said competitions are managed and sponsored exclusively by the Organizing Company.

The competitions and the promotion of said competitions are not managed or sponsored by social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). The Organizing Company therefore releases the companies operating these social networks from any responsibility concerning all elements linked to the competitions, their organization and their promotion.

Article 2 – Conditions of participation

These competitions are open to any adult individual, residing in mainland France and registered on or with an account on the corresponding social network for the contest, with the exception of the staff of the Organizing Company of the competition and of the staff of the company providing the prizes for the competition. Contestants can only participate once per competition. Exceptionally, participants may increase their chances by sharing the competition, according to the terms and conditions set out in its presentation.

Article 4 – Terms and conditions of participation

In order to participate in this competition, every contestant must first have registered on or on the corresponding social network of the contest and have therefore entered his/her contact information (last name, first name, email address) so as to allow the organizations to contact him/in her the case of a win.

Any incomplete or incorrect contact information will result in the cancellation of the contestant’s participation in the competition. A description of each operation and/or the instructions for the competition (a list of questions, for example) will be published on the website before the start of each new session.

Article 5 – Prize

For each day of the competition, the Organizing Company will offer the participants a prize freely determined by the company depending on current opportunities, partnerships, events, news, etc. The prizes will be clearly defined in the presentation of the competition, along with the selection method of the winner(s) (random draw, speed, questionnaire, etc.). The value of these prizes is left to the discretion of the Organizing Company.

The number of winners for each session will be freely decided by the Organizing Company depending on the prizes made available.

The prizes of the competition, namely their exact number and nature along with their market value will be communicated on the website before the start of each new session.

In the event of force majeure or circumstances beyond its control, the Organizing Company reserves the right to replace the winning prize with a prize of equivalent nature and/or value or to cancel the competition.

Article 6 – Procedures for obtaining the prize

The Organizing Company will contact each winner via email no later than 72 hours after the draw. The winners must respond in the 24 hours following the French hour of them being contacted by email. Any winner who doesn’t reply within this timeframe will be deemed to have waived his/her prize. This prize may then be put back freely into play by the Organizing Company, or given to another participant chosen by a new draw, without it being able to be held liable for this fact.

To collect their prize, winners must go to the Bureau du Fooding with a form of ID at the following address:

Le Fooding

25 boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle

75002 Paris

Prizes will be available for a maximum of 30 days (unless the prize expires before this time period) following the delivery of the email. Any complaints must be made within three months by mail, in a letter that includes the contact information of the contestant, along with the competition and the session in question. After this period, no complaints will be accepted.

Under no circumstances may the prizes be exchanged for other objects, whatever their monetary value, or for a cash sum. If a winner does not or cannot take possession of his/her prize, he/she is not entitled to any other form of compensation.

Only one prize will be awarded per household (same name, same email address) for each competition session.

Article 7 – Liability as it relates to the use of the internet

The organizers cannot be held liable in the case of interruption of service caused by an Internet network incident or by a technical incident beyond their control, if the competition is partially or totally modified, postponed or canceled. No compensation can be claimed because of this.

Article 8 – Protection of personal data

We encourage you to read our Personal data protection policies.

Article 9 – Cancelation/modification of the competition

The Organizing Company reserves the right to cancel, postpone, extend, shorten or modify all or parts of any operations in the case of force majeure or in the case of circumstances beyond its control.

If at the end of the Game, all prizes have not be awarded, the Organizing Company reserves the right to prolong the Game or to once again claim ownership of the prizes to use at its discretion.

At its discretion, the Organizing Company reserves the right to cancel or modify part or all of the present terms and conditions. All modifications of the rules will be subject to an amendment and participants will be informed.

Article 10 – Acceptance and access to the rules and regulations

Participation in any of the Organizing Company’s Game implies full and unreserved acceptance of the present rules and regulations.

Any fraud, attempted fraud or non-compliance with the present rules and regulations will result in the immediate and automatic disqualification of its perpetrator, the Organizing Company reserving, where appropriate, the right to bring legal proceedings against them. The use of robots and all other similar methods is prohibited, and the violation of this rule will result in the elimination of its perpetrator, for the entire duration of the Game.

The present rules and regulations were filed with SCP Sylvain THOMAZON, Fabrice BICHE, 156 rue Montmartre 75002 PARIS and are available on