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L'Annexe d'Aubrac

Bed & breakfast L'Annexe d'Aubrac in AubracL'Annexe d'Aubrac (Aubrac) - Didier D. Darwin

CLOSED ANNUALLY: From November 3rd through December 22nd, 2018

THE STORY: During vacations, Daarwin hunted the beast of Gévaudan alongside his sweetheart, Virginie. And then one day, after taking a detour, they stumbled upon this dark stone building, in the heart of an Aubrac village…It was love at first sight! Upon learning that the owner of the place was looking for a buyer, the couple made their bid and took over the entire place. In their new space, they cultivated the romantic spirit that had seduced them, with babouchka-chic décor straight out of a Tolstoy novel. At night, around the monumental stone fireplace, we take refuge from the Aubrac fogs or the wind from the countryside steppes and from a big grumpy cat before heading back into their rooms with wild themes…Rooms from €105 to €200.

TOILETRIES: Natural shampoo and shower gel.
INTERNET: Wifi (free).
BREAKFAST: Included, with crepes or pancakes, fruit salads, bread, jam, hot or cold drinks.
LITTLE LUXURY: Virginie can find you a hiking guide who will help you discover the Aubrac.

Getting there

Bed & breakfast L'Annexe d'Aubrac
Place des fêtes
TEL: 05 65 48 78 84