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La Maison Plûme

Bed & breakfast La Maison Plûme in VillequierLa Maison Plûme (Villequier) - © Maison Plûme

CLOSED ANNUALLY: Open all year round 

THE STORY: After adopting the nomad lifestyle for a time (Australia, Canada, Alsace, Paris), Jeanne came back to her hometown of Villequier with a plan: to transform the old redbrick Hôtel de France – where Guillaume Apolinnaire stayed in 1913 – into a cozy bed & breakfast with views of the Seine. After ten months of renovations done with help from her partner Simon, La Maison Plûme opened its doors to the public in January 2018, decked out with three incredibly stylish bedrooms: Le Nid, a studio inspired by the Perret showroom apartment in Le Havre, with flashy colors and furniture from the ‘50s and ’60s; La Parisienne, with its studious atmosphere, Thonet cane chair, vintage wooden desk, original fireplace, French glass globes de mariée and sea green duvets; and L’Amour, with its cozy English style, dark walls painted Hague Blue from Farrow & Ball, porcelain light fixtures, standing bathtub and, best of all, a private terrace with a view of the Seine! Double rooms starting at €100 a night.

TOILETRIES: Kerzon soap.
INTERNET: Wifi (free), but the connection is a little shaky.
BREAKFAST: Included, with coffee or tea, baguette, wholegrain bread, viennoiseries, yogurt, seasonal fruits, cheese, artisanal apple juice. Only local goods!
LITTLE LUXURY: Camped out in the family home of Léopoldine Hugo’s husband, the Victor Hugo Museum is just a five-minute walk away.

Getting there

Bed & breakfast La Maison Plûme
1, rue Ernest Binet
MOBILE: +33 6 88 30 98 58