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Les Jardins sur Glantine

Bed & breakfast Les Jardins sur Glantine in PolignyLes Jardins sur Glantine (Poligny)

CLOSED ANNUALLY: Open all year

THE STORY: A former flight attendant, Nathalie Eigenschenck has since tried her hand at professional cooking…on Masterchef, season 1! An architect by training, Ludwig Bindernagel later became a winemaker. Together, they form the perfect duo of hosts in their 18th century home, with trumeau pillars. With a view of the courtyard or the garden, we sleep (well) under a Louis-Philippe canopy or a contemporary painting (two suites at €120 for one or two persons), and we drink (well) too! The house Jura wine, Les Chais du Vieux Bourg, frequently featured on the wine list of some of the Fooding Guide’s best tables (Le DauphinAu Passage…), often accompanied by comté gougères made by Madame..

TOILETRIES: Organic soaps with poppy seeds, lavender, mallow flower…made by Nathalie herself.
INTERNET: Wifi (free).
BREAKFAST: Included, brunch-style, with jambon au petit-lait ham, comté, charcuteries, salted butter madeleines (or other seasonal pastries), homemade jams, Nespresso coffees and a tea bar.
LITTLE LUXURY: If you ask nicely at the right time of the year, Ludwig might bring you to “collect” truffles.

Getting there

Bed & breakfast Les Jardins sur Glantine
30, Grande Rue
TEL: +33 3 63 86 50 78