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L'Instant (Morienval)

Gîte L'Instant (Morienval) in MorienvalL'Instant (Morienval) (Morienval)

NUMBER OF ROOMS: 1 gîte with four bedrooms and a parental suite (15 people)
CLOSED ANNUALLY: Open all year round

THE STORY: Florence has managed a successful career change — this former bank jurist has since become the host of this luxurious country home that she rents out to large groups — it sleeps up to 15! More than a simple gîte, she wanted to recreate the big house of her childhood in Belgium — the one where she reunited with her family every year — by investing in the farmhouse on her property in the Oise department. Everything is perfectly studied: the already stacked logs of wood in the fireplaces, the kitchen staples lined up for battle in the kitchen…. As for the décor, it’s pure Flemish Home Interiors: white and grey tones, craft furniture, soft couches, spotless trunks and beds. And don’t forget about the indoor pool, heated to 28°C (an extra €300 for the trip), the immense terrace overlooking the Morienval abbey, and the chef whose services you can rent out. €1500 for two nights.

TOILETRIES: Organic soap, shower gel and shampoo.
INTERNET: Wifi (free).
BREAKFAST: €10 with hot drinks, viennoiseries, breads, jams and orange juice, but Florence recommends going straight to the village bakery, since the walk is nice and that’s where she gets her goods anyways…
LITTLE LUXURY: Florence is very flexible with the hours, you can stay until 6pm on your last day! 

Getting there

Gîte L'Instant (Morienval)
9, rue de la Granchemont
MOBILE: +33 6 09 90 23 32