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The best crêpes in France

Sound the bowls! Ring the galettes! The famous Chandeleur celebration has arrived. Before Bertrand Larcher and his Breizh Cafés, the world of the galette had been going round in circles. But thanks to him, things are looking up! Following in his footsteps, all the clever billig-masters have put their own spin on the modern crêperie. Cool decor, organic ingredients, crazy recipes…. This is our selection of the best galettes out there.

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The most hype-noz — Paris
The inaccessible Breizh Café is no longer the capital’s only chic crêperie with shocking ingredients. Amongst the alternatives: in the 11th arrondissement, there’s Bretons, with its modern style and Ty Nevez galettes with andouille de Guémené; Krügen with its (artisanal) sausage galette served in an extremely stylish Nordic setting; or even Mad Eo in the 3rd arrondissement, where they serve divine “crêpes from the West” with sausage, cheese, onions and nettles.

The most bio-gouden — Saint-Brieuc
A very straightforward restaurant that allows you to focus all your attention on the products. At la Crêperie des Promenades, the star of the show is the organic and freshly made galette filled with warm goat cheese, lettuce and seaweed from Thierry Duizet, the Réginéenne with bay scallops or the sweet crepe with frangipane.

The most no-nonsense crêperie — Paris

A veritable Shiva at his Krampouz crepe maker, Alain fills his XXL vegetarian galettes with organic vegetables, goat cheese and honey for all those clever enough to find his hidden stand in the Marché des Enfants-Rouges. There’s absolutely zero fuss and zero tables at Alain Miam Miam! He’s there to remind you that crepes are meant to be eaten first and foremost!

The most Japanese — Saint-Malo
With its flambéed yuzu and Grand Marnier crêpe suzettes, extra crispy galettes with cream of tofu-sesame and tsukemono (pickled vegetables) and bowls of broth, Le Comptoir Breizh Café really plays up its Japanese-inspired menu and flips its fans around like crêpes.

The most buttery — Nantes
No, Nantes isn’t in Brittany! And yes, you can still find a crêperie with plenty of bravado there: Le Coin des Crêpes. Lively modern decor, a respectable list of ciders and most importantly, carefully selected ingredients (organic flour from Le Moulin de Pont-l’Abbé, Beillevaire cheeses, fruits and vegetables from Bio’Nantes). We recommend trying the sweet buckwheat galettes.

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