Tegui, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Surprise! Hidden behind an entirely graphic façade tagged by local street artists (including Cabajo Spirit, a big name around here), Tegui is the hottest restaurant in Buenos Aires. But watch out! Once inside, the décor changes dramatically: white tablecloths, a view of the banana trees on the patio, a black ceiling, waxed hardwood floors, a wall covered in chic bottles…. And an extremely quiet open kitchen, in which, five nights a week, Germán Martitegui crafts his gastronomic (re)creations using the best artisanal ingredients in Argentina. The day we went, on the ten-course menu: oysters grilled over a wood fire, sea water espuma, watercress and yellow kiwi jus; artichoke and mandarin orange soup, wild partridge breast prepared two ways, cumin meringues, mandarin orange and pumpkin purée; cremona bread made with pork fat; venison filet with rosehips, horseradish espuma and a pine nut purée; bitter dark chocolate mousse infused with grapefruit and olive oil…. To drink, the wine list is dedicated entirely to small Argentine producers, or cocktails like vermouth infused with pine and local bitters. Count on spending around 1,900 pesos (€114). Reservations are essential, at least a week in advance (or the same day if there are any cancelations), by phone or on the website.


Costa Rica 5852
Palermo Viejo
1414 Buenos Aires
Tél. : + 54 11 4770 9500

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