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Amici Miei

Restaurant Amici Miei in ParisAmici Miei (Paris) - © Camille Pierrard

Looking for a neighborhood trattoria where you can make some new amici like Romain Duris? Head to Amici Miei, where a handful of poorly shaven ragazzi in sneakers prepare the pizza, in the 40 square meters of raw stone and woodwork, to the delight of their regulars. What is there to eat, you ask? The very best pizzas: white versions like the Amici Miei with Parma ham, cherry tomatoes and bufala mozzarella, or classics with tomato sauce (Margherita, Regina, Calzone, etc.). But there’s also a gigantic octopus carpaccio (€18), incredible Sardinian charcuterie (€21) and 20 or so pretty decent pasta dishes, starting with the delightful trofie (a typical Ligurian dish) with crabmeat, whole langoustines and tomato sauce. To stay hydrated: a big glass of Garibaldi (Campari and orange juice, €9), vino della casa (Anghelia Rosso, €14 for 500 ml) or sambuca (star anise liqueur, €7). Pizzas €10-20, pasta €14-25. // G.L.P.

Getting there

Restaurant Amici Miei
44, rue Saint-Sabin
TEL: +33 1 42 71 82 62
Subway: Bréguet - Sabin, Chemin Vert