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Atelier Annam

In his shoebox-sized joint with walnut wood tables, big fans and vintage posters, To Thi Du delights diners in the Aligre neighborhood with incredible little flavor bombs prepared in the Hanoi fashion. The proof could be found on the €14.50 menu the day we went for lunch: delicious shrimp dumplings in a rich meat broth, with loads of garlic and fresh cilantro – or a trio of fried shrimp (or vegetarian) spring rolls, which were a little soggy; good lemongrass and ginger chicken served with white rice, salad, cucumbers and soybeans; then a very sweet green tea cake, served with a chilled coconut soup. To wash it all down, there’s excellent homemade iced tea (€3.70) or a very cold Hanoi beer (€4.50 for 330 ml). Menu €14.50 (lunch). À la carte from €24.50 to €35.50. // G.LeP. 

Getting there

Restaurant Atelier Annam
25, rue de Cotte
TEL: +33 1 43 41 70 91
Subway: Faidherbe - Chaligny, Ledru Rollin