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Au Bon Pho

At this perfect little dive (a devil red façade, a portrait of Johnny Hallyday, a TV screen on the wall), you’ll find without a doubt the best pho in Little Wenzhou simmering on the stovetops. Neighborhood regulars have figured it all out: for 9 bucks, you can savor an intense broth with a generous portion of rice noodles, beef (for even more tender meat, ask for the raw beef “pho tai” version, an insider favorite!) and fresh herbs (mint, Thai basil…). Their banh cuon (€4.50) and Vietnamese dumplings with ground pork, black mushrooms, fried onions and strips of Vietnamese sausage aren’t bad either. And to drink, you’ve got the whole spectrum of imported Asian beers to choose from (Tsingtao, Chang, Singha, Lao, Saigon, €3-3.50), along with homemade iced tea (€3.50) and a few more unusual libations as well, like the sticky rice green tea (€2.50). Set menu options €12.50 (lunch), €17.50 (dinner). // C.T.

Getting there

Restaurant Au Bon Pho
22, rue au Maire
TEL: +33 1 42 72 88 32
Subway: Arts et Métiers