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Auberge Beauville

Restaurant Auberge Beauville in EspédaillacAuberge Beauville (Espédaillac) - © Auberge Beauville

If you eat like a bird, this place isn’t for you! Inside this sparkling inn in the Causse de Gramat region, Stéphane Rossignol whips up gargantuan portion sizes in his copper pans! The Sunday we went, the grandfather clock was set to half past noon when the €25 menu began parading out under the vigilant eye of a taxidermy wild boar. To start: vegetable broth served in a soup tureen, with toasted bread for dipping – the house recommends you “fairechabrot” and dilute the remnants with red wine (there’s a glass of local red included in the menu), along with local foie gras from La Quercynoise and a duck gizzard salad. It was followed by a slice of leg of lamb from Quercy cooked over embers (in the fireplace!), served with potatoes cooked in fat à la sarladaise, before a cheese plate (three kinds, including a Rocamadour from the Ferme de Vigne Haute in Reilhac) and a good apple croustade. FYI, there’s no wine list yet, but you’re welcome to pop open the bottle that’s placed on the table: a 2015 Cahors for €13, chosen by the boss. Set menus €14 and €20 (lunch, with duck confit), €23 (dinner) and €25 (Sunday). // P.L. 

Getting there

Restaurant Auberge Beauville
Le Bourg
TEL: +33 5 65 40 55 62