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Avenida Brasil

“Mondays are for surfing and making love!” That’s Tai and Dan’s recipe for happiness, a globetrotting culinary couple from Porto Alegre and Curitiba. At Avenida Brasil, at the hour when the tropical plants and yellow wooden chairs reverberate against the capricious Basque sunset, Dan prepares his first caïpi loucas (€7). Meanwhile, Tai’s menu (either mar or terra) leaves us impressed: a subtle guacamole with gluten-free tapioca galettes for dipping – or an aphrodisiac chicken open sandwich with cilantro and sweet chili spiced hummus (€8); beef picanha with chimichurri, corn on the cob and walnut farofa (€18) – or fish of the day wrapped up in a banana leaf with coconut rice (€17); before the sweet smoothness of an acai bowl (€9) or a passion fruit mousse (€5). To drink, there are multiple fine bottles to choose from: Pacherenc-du-Vic-Bilh from the Château Barréjat (€4 a glass) or Rayos Uva, a rioja from Olivier Rivière (€29 a bottle). Juice and smoothies €4-6, à la carte €17.50 to €32. // N.K.

Getting there

Restaurant Avenida Brasil
11, av. du Rayon Vert
TEL: +33 5 59 26 36 89