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Restaurant Bàcaro in ToulouseBàcaro (Toulouse)

Here at Bàcaro, Manuel Garnacho (a former teacher/researcher) juggles his naturophile liquids behind the solid oak bar, while Rodolphe Irazoqui (who used to work at Le Bibent and Solides in Toulouse) takes care of the food. The night we went, comfortably seated in the wooden armchairs, we dug into the five-course menu: a small piece of swordfish marinated in lemon, with spelt tabbouleh made with green pepper and tomato; meagre paired with mussels and an emulsified mussel jus, zucchini, raw onion, lobster oil and a tomato vinaigrette; cochon noir tenderloin cooked medium rare with sautéed shiitakes and a coconut milk red kuri squash purée; before a domino-shaped almond cookie with raspberry mousse, dotted lemon jelly, sesame-fleur de sel tuiles and whole blueberries. // A.S.

FEELING THIRSTY? With hundreds of labels, you’re definitely spoilt for choice: a Jurançon sec from the Château Lafitte or Brise d’Aunis; a red from La Grange aux Belles (€6 a glass); Jasse, a Côtes-Catalanes orange wine from the Domaine Gauby (€7); or a Venetian orange wine from Dario Princic (€60 a bottle); a Côtes-du-Tarn red from Plageoles (€30)…

PRICE: Menus €16-20 (lunch) and €35 (dinner; food and wine pairings +€35).

Getting there

Restaurant Bàcaro
20, rue du Pont-Guilhemery
MOBILE: +33 6 84 58 30 80