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Restaurant Balady in MarseilleBalady (Marseille) - © Agathe Hernandez

Hot buns coming through! The team behind La Cantine de Nour has just opened up a second spot called Balady, an Egyptian bakery spruced up with no unnecessary fuss (copper plates hung on the walls, wicker baskets, mismatched tableware). On the big marble countertop that leaves you feeling anything but stone cold (haha!), there are all sorts of Middle Eastern snacks served at miniature prices. The day we went, savored around the big central table: delicious feetir (spinach galette); tender eggplant stuffed with beef; a (very) sweet potato roasted in the oven and sprinkled with feta; before a lovely semolina and orange blossom cake. // A.H.

FEELING THIRSTY? Everything is homemade: classic mint tea (€1.50), hibiscus infusions (€1.50), rose syrup water (€2.50) and freshly made fruit juices (€4). It’s worth noting that here, the coffee is served in the Turkish style (€2) or as a frappé (€4) when summer hits.

PRICE: Plates €3-5, desserts €2-3.

Getting there

Restaurant Balady
66, rue Consolat
TEL: +33 9 80 99 21 03
Subway: Réformés Canebière