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Restaurant Bioburger in ParisBioburger (Paris) - © Marine Brusson

With its AB organic agriculture label prominently displayed in the window, crates of rustic potatoes in full view and a thorough recycling system in place, Bioburger is clearly a fast food joint that cares about the planet. And the same goes for the quality of its burger, served by extremely friendly and hardworking staff! Seated on the small terrace the day we went for lunch, we dug into a very simple Original burger that was juicy without feeling greasy, stacked with farm-fresh cheddar, grilled onions and a homemade secret sauce; a delicious Avocat Bacon burger with guacamole and smoked bacon, devoured more or less responsibly; excellent golden fries served with self-serve homemade sauces; cumin-spiced coleslaw (strange…); before some straightforward desserts, like the apple compote with a crumble topping or comforting milkshakes (raspberry, chocolate or salted caramel). //J.D. & J.L.

FEELING THIRSTY? There’s peach iced tea and all kinds of homemade “ades” (lemon, orange, ginger…) included in the set menu. Otherwise, there’s organic Jade beer (250 ml) for an additional euro.

PRICE: Set menus from €11.90 to €13.80 (+€3.50 for double patties). 

Getting there

Restaurant Bioburger
45, rue des Petits Carreaux
TEL: 01 42 86 15 09
Subway: Bonne Nouvelle, Sentier
Website: bioburger.fr