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Bob’s Bake Shop

Restaurant Bob’s Bake Shop in ParisBob’s Bake Shop (Paris) - © Rebecca Genet

2015 Adidas Street Food Award

At around 10am you should expect to see a fashionable crowd hanging around this Goutte d’Or spot – and there has to be a reason why… The all-day breakfasts served in all their splendor at Bob’s Bake Shop (a part-self-serve campus cafeteria, part-50s diner feel with faux-leather benches, melamine wood and an aluminum ceiling) let you brunch from early morning through to early afternoon. Spelled out on letterboard, order American classics from our American friend Marc Grossman (Bob’s Juice Bar) directly at the counter: a classic avocado smash on rye bread, smushed into big pieces with a fork; a hearty egg sandwich with cheese and roasted potatoes on a homemade bun; delicious bagels made in-house with smoked salmon and cream cheese; a healthy bowl of the day with grilled vegetables over wholegrain rice, avocado, pickles and a fried egg; magical pancakes drowning in maple syrup; vegan waffles and other more or less guilty pleasures – cookies, cheesecakes, brownies, chia puddings… // F.V.

FEELING THIRSTY? Freshly pressed juices (€5), green smoothies, fresh mint lemonade (€3.50), lattes (€4.50)… And for caffeine-addicts, there’s Lomi drip coffee (€2) with unlimited refills until 11:30am.

PRICE: Toasts €3.50 to €5, sandwiches €7-11, pancakes, challah and waffles €6-11, bowls €7.50 to €12, desserts €2-4.

Getting there

Restaurant Bob’s Bake Shop
Halle Pajol, 12, esplanade Nathalie-Sarraute
TEL: +33 9 84 46 25 26
Subway: Marx Dormoy