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Restaurant Bopome in ParisBopome (Paris) - © Christine Doublet

Right near the Canal Saint-Martin, in a neighborhood where restaurants pop up faster than protests at République, this new street food spot (light wood, wicker suspension lamps, hanging light bulbs) puts a new spin on all the dim sum, bao and banh mi spots that have invaded the capital. The star dish at Bopome? The “Taiwanese crepe,” stuffed like a burrito with marinated beef (€8), pork (€7.50) or egg and cheese (€5), plus lettuce, red cabbage, onions, carrots, cucumber, soy beans and cilantro, with some added bang for your buck from the sesame-soy-garlic-spice sauce! On the €10 set menu, it gets served with crispy sweet potato beignets, followed by a graceful homemade mochi – a ball of rice dough that’s as sweet as a caress, €2 – wrapped up in a sweet peanut powder… Have it all with homemade soy milk or a delicious fermented apple lemonade (€3). Otherwise, opt for the delicious cold noodles (summertime only), served with plenty of raw vegetables (carrots, cucumber, soy beans, cilantro…) and an addictive sesame sauce (€7). Set menu options €8-10. // C.T.

Getting there

Restaurant Bopome
48, rue de Lancry
TEL: +33 9 83 74 60 24
Subway: Jacques Bonsergent