Bululu Arepera

Restaurant Bululu Arepera in ParisBululu Arepera (Paris) - © Bululu Arepera

In this small Venezuelan café, you place your order at the bar for the arepa of the day (a traditional and hearty corn flour – and therefore gluten-free – cake). It’s brought out piping hot in a small blue plastic basket to your table, stuffed with tomatoes, creamed black beans, tajada (baked plantains), onions, cilantro and sheep’s milk cheese for the vegetarian version, and with pork or beef for the meat version. Wolf them down straight away, or with a side of green plantain, sweet potato or cassava chips, served with guasacaca (homemade guacamole, €6). For dessert: quesillo (gluten-free flan) with caramel or a tres leches tart. And to wash it all down: a classic papelon con limón (sugar cane and lime juice, €4) or a local rum cocktail (€7). Arepas €8, set menu option €10 (arepa + soup weekday lunch), dishes €15-17, brunch €15-20 (Saturday and Sunday), dessert €4. // Y.N. 

Getting there

Restaurant Bululu Arepera
20, rue de la Fontaine du But
TEL: +33 1 42 54 96 25
Subway: Lamarck-Caulaincourt