Café Ineko

Restaurant Café Ineko in ParisCafé Ineko (Paris)

Inès de Villeneuve, a former project manager at Louis Vuitton, has left the world of high luxury for haute gastronomy, with this café that bears her nickname. And nothing has been left to chance. Not the décor: an extra narrow space that’s been subtly redone by her man, François Champsaur, with plenty of light concrete, exposed stones, white plaster and vintage furniture. Not the scrupulously sourced ingredients: heirloom rice, kamut and soon emmer wheat flours, spelt wheat couscous, natural syrups…. Not the chefs: Julie Bavant (ex-Arpège and Frenchie) alias The Veganizer, and Julie Genest alias Alternivore. And definitely not the recipes that are up for grabs à la carte: a delicious zucchini, feta and strawberry salad seasoned with a tarragon and Thai basil oil; silky creamed carrots with limon cress and currants; an incredible fiadone and lots of extremely pretty alternative pastries, etc. And even better, the drinks can hold their own: coffee roasted by Hexagone, wines from her brother (who owns the Domaine de Roquefort) or from Emmanuel Giboulot (Les Pierres Blanches for €36 a bottle). Appetizers €6-7, dishes €14-15, pastries €4-6, drinks €2-8. // J.G.

Getting there

Restaurant Café Ineko
13, rue des Gravilliers
TEL: +33 9 67 87 23 10
Subway: Arts et Métiers, Rambuteau