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Café Ineko

Restaurant Café Ineko  in ParisCafé Ineko (Paris) - © Café Ineko

After getting out of the fashion game, Inès “Ineko” de Villeneuve (ex-Louis Vuitton) is blowing the mistral wind of her childhood through this neighborhood filled with fashionable boutiques. In her classy coffee shop (waxed concrete floors, brushed walls, a luminous glass ceiling), the entirely female staff sends out Manon Negretti’s (ex-Semilla) generous cuisine. Served à la carte the other day at lunch: an impressive cream of zucchini seasoned with feta and almond oil; sweet battaglione cucumber with yogurt, fennel and lemon purée; before a devilishly good apple/peach clafoutis paired with milk curds, pan-fried figs, olive oil and a rosemary crumble – a taste of the garrigue landscape in southern France! Plus, other treats served all day include scones made with heirloom wheat and salted butter; kamut and chocolate chip cookies; olive oil, lemon or carrot cakes… // T.J.

FEELING THIRSTY? Hexagone coffee (€2.50 for an espresso), fresh ginger infusions (€5), freshly pressed juices (€4-6), chai lattes with spices from Shira (€5) and organic wines from the Château de Roquefort estate in Provence (owned by Ineko’s brother) at €6 a glass for the red and €27 for a bottle of white, Le Petit Salé.

PRICE: À la carte €35-46, pastries €3-6.

Getting there

Restaurant Café Ineko
13, rue des Gravilliers
TEL: +33 9 67 87 23 10
Subway: Arts et Métiers, Rambuteau
Website: ineko.fr/