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Restaurant Candelaria in ParisCandelaria (Paris)

Opened in 2011 by the Quixotic Projects group (HeroLes Grands VerresLe Mary CelesteGlass), the original pioneer of Parisian speakeasies and bipolar Tex-Mex eatery outshines all the other clandestine spots. Before reaching the backroom, head inside the narrow taqueria with a dozen red and green barstools, where you can enjoy some tasty tacos dripping with good things: shredded pork cooked with achiote and orange, with black beans, onions and cilantro; lamb roasted with sweet chilies, onions and cilantro (€3.80 for two). Once you’ve had your fill, push open the door at the back and head inside this spot where anything goes, with squeaky hardwood floors, animal pelts, benches, cushions and around 15 Latino-centric cocktails crafted by Cristina, Océane, Aurore, Filip, Alejandro and Roberto. Try perhaps a Guêpe Vert made with Altos Blanco tequila infused with arbol chili, plus cucumber, cilantro, agave and lime (€12), or the Sombrerón, with the same tequila, plus Gran Classico Bitters, Otto’s Athens vermouth, Pink Pepper tonic, hibiscus and lime (€13). Tacos €3.80 to €4.20 for two, set menu €13.50 (lunch), cocktails €12-14. // D.C. 

Getting there

Restaurant Candelaria
52, rue de Saintonge
TEL: +33 1 42 74 41 28
Subway: Filles du Calvaire