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Chez Jacky

Restaurant Chez Jacky in Moëlan-sur-MerChez Jacky (Moëlan-sur-Mer) - © Aïtor Alfonso

Chez Jacky is like a pearl in an oyster! In a charming little port tucked away at the end of an elven forest, the Noblet family take a HD look at shellfish for the delight of well-traveled oyster lovers. Seated in the Chabrol-esque dining room (or outside in the fresh air) that has stunning views of the meandering Bélon River below, we nibble on slightly ferrous plate oysters (€26 for 12 n°2s), lap up juicy creuse oysters (€16 for 12 n°3s), suck the meat out of grey palourde clams (€14.50) and indulge in a plate of smooth clams, dog cockles and clams, like an intense port-nographic montage. For even more excess, dig into beautiful posh dishes like grilled lobster (€59) and standard desserts like crème caramel (€6). Wash it all down with a Muscadet from the Château de Chasseloir (€14 for a half-bottle) or a Touraine Sauvignon from Pascal Jolivet (€16). Oysters €16-26 a dozen, other shellfish €7-18 a portion. // A.A. 

Getting there

Restaurant Chez Jacky
6, rue du Port-de-Bélon
TEL: + 33 2 98 06 90 32