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Chez Magda

Restaurant Chez Magda in ParisChez Magda (Paris)

Even though we came to test out the food-porny khinkali (plump dumplings stuffed with juicy ground beef), it was Magda Gegenava’s unpronounceable chkmeruli and mtsvadi that wound up on our plates that particular day. In her wooden shack camped out on the Rotonde terrace, the Georgian dentist-turned-chef who passed through the Refugee Food Festival Residency has been popularizing her country’s specialties since October. Amongst them: a delicious chashushuli – a veal stew with tomatoes, potatoes and spices; a green borscht with beets, cucumber, Greek yogurt, lemon, plenty of herbs and… Perrier (!); or even those famous dumplings like they make it Tbilisi. Gobble it all down on the somewhat sticky wooden tables… or better yet, along the Canal de l’Ourcq! // J.G.

FEELING THIRSTY? There’s no wine but there’s a vivifying tarragon lemonade (€3).

PRICE: Mains €3-10, desserts €3-4. 

Getting there

Restaurant Chez Magda
La Rotonde Stalingrad
TEL: No phone number
Subway: Jaurès, Stalingrad