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Chez Simonne

A deep blue façade, a tiled bar, blackboard menus, carefully-sourced saucisson hanging from the ceiling…. Running Chez Simonne and responsible for this incredible grub, you’ll find Aude (a former interior designer) and Guilhem Sartre (an ex-Google worker). Take the Prince de Paris ham sandwich on a buttered baguette from MOF baker Frédéric Lalos for example (€7.50), which we savored the other day at lunch, before giving in to a cheeky chocolate mousse (€2.80) for dessert. Some other choices include: a “Camille” salad with ham from the Landes, tomatoes confit, marinated goat cheese and basil (€9.50); old school elbow macaroni pasta with ham, plus truffles preserved in oil and shavings (€9.50); an incredible “Honoré,” composed of mashed potatoes with morsels of roast chicken, marinated zucchini, tomatoes confit, chives and black olive tapenade (€9.50); and some good comforting desserts – apple compote, chocolate cake, fromage blanc with speculoos (€2.80)…. As for the wines, there’s a short but nice selection: a red Coteaux-du-Lyonnais from Agamy (€4 a glass), a rosé Côtes-de-Provence from the Château Pompilia (€5), a red Bourgogne-Côte-Chalonnaise from the Domaine des Pierres Blanches (€39 a bottle), etc. Plenty of choices for Thursday night drinks, with cheese platters from Quatrehomme and charcuterie from Dubernet (€11-19). Set menus from €9.50 to €13. // C.C.

Getting there

Restaurant Chez Simonne
8 Rue d'Artois
TEL: +33 1 53 75 15 52
Subway: Saint-Philippe-du-Roule