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Chez Yassine

With its purple façade, a dining room that feels like it could be in a mall in Chendgu and neon-bright lemonades served in Cristaline water bottles, Chez Yassine will never grace the pages AD magazineBut no matter, since judging by the cosmopolitan crowd that files in every night, Yassine and Farid send out the best North African cuisine in the neighborhood, seven days a week: runny kefteji (stewed tomatoes and peppers with thick homemade fries); legendary spaghetti bathed in a harissa-rich tomato sauce – unfortunately often sold out as early as 7pm; plenty of bricks (egg, tuna, shrimp…) or honest grilled meats (merguez, chicken, sea bream…) served with fries and side salad. // G.LeP.

FEELING THIRSTY? There’s no alcohol, but there’s homemade lemonade (€2 for 500 ml)! Otherwise, there’s your classic sodas in 330 ml (€1.50) or 1.5 liters (€2.50)!

PRICE: Kefteji €5, ojja €7-9, spaghetti €6-9, brick €4 to €6.50, grilled meats €7-12. 

Getting there

Restaurant Chez Yassine
8, rue d’Aubagne
TEL: +33 9 80 83 39 13
Subway: Noailles