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Chez Yassine

Posted up in the heart of the Noailles neighborhood for what feels like forever, Yassine and his crew provide the solution to our hunger pangs with all the Tunisian classics. Savor them seated in either the futuristic North African space (stainless steel, ethnic tiling, flashy screens, purple neon lights, aluminum barstools) or on the terrace: a notorious kefteji made with slow-roasted eggplant; a delightful ojja (an egg-based specialty) with a glistening tomato sauce sprinkled with olives and onions – perfect for dunking in the mini baguettes fresh out of the oven from across the street, or homemade fries; legendary spaghetti bathed in a harissa-spiced tomato sauce; tuna or shrimp savory pastries; grilled merguez sausages… The proof that, despite the increasing gentrification of the neighborhood, Yassine is still the reigning prince of good grub. // N.K.

FEELING THIRSTY? Homemade lemonade (€2 for 500 ml) or ordinary sodas (€1.50 for 330 ml).

PRICE: Kefteji €5, ojja €7-9, spaghetti €7-9, savory pastries €4-6, grilled meats €7-12.

Getting there

Restaurant Chez Yassine
8, rue d’Aubagne
TEL: +33 9 80 83 39 13
Subway: Noailles