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Restaurant CheZaline in ParisCheZaline (Paris)

In the race for the best sandwich in Paris, Delphine Zampetti is leading the peloton… At this former horsemeat butcher shop with yellow tiles, renamed CheZaline in homage to French crooner Christophe, you’ll find all kinds of little salads, hot dishes of the day and elaborate sandwiches, each as fine as thoroughbreds: a stunning octopus salad with diced cucumber and celery, whipped up with a lemon-tabasco vinaigrette, or a spirited beetroot and red onion salad blown up by a sherry vinaigrette; incredible free-range pot-au-feu chicken salad sandwich with dill, mayonnaise and lettuce, or a heartier Morteau sausage sandwich with sauce gribiche and pickled cabbage (€7 each in a good half-baguette from Landemaine); salty and delicious bonito escabèche with guindilla chilies, tapenade and green salad (€8.50 in a round sesame seed bun); and hip hip hurrah for the apple crumble and the vanilla-lemon rice pudding (€5). Help it all slide down with an apricot juice from Patrick Font (€3) or a Philomenn Rousse beer (€4). Salads €4, sandwiches €5 to €8.50, desserts €3-5, dishes of the day €10. // G.L.P.

Getting there

Restaurant CheZaline
85, rue de la Roquette
TEL: +33 1 43 71 90 75
Subway: Voltaire, Bastille, Bréguet - Sabin