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Christian Qui

Restaurant Christian Qui in MarseilleChristian Qui (Marseille) - © Agathe Hernandez

The king of fish has struck again! After slicing up the best sushi in Marseille at SushiQui (a Fooding award winner back in 2013) and playing pirate chef on the Noctillo sailboat in the Vieux-Port, Christian Qui has set sail for the Goudes neighborhood. This time around, you’ll find him at home, around a table d’hôte with views of the sea and some incredible seafood! But there’s no menu here – instead, let yourself get carried away on the waves of that day’s inspiration. The other night: an incredible porgy tartare marinated fresh with an egg yolk, soy sauce, wasabi and spring onions, dressed on a masterfully cooked bed of rice; crisp Chinese cabbage doused in a zinzin sauce – made with shaved porgy, olive oil and fish sauce; scathing mullet cooked whole on the barbecue and served with cherry tomatoes, apricots and pepper leaves; a bomb bouillabaisse, made with a perfect broth, mussels marinated in tamarind, ultra-tender mashed potatoes and an incredible aioli to spread on toast; insane flame-charred eel; before a light lemon-basil sorbet topped with slivered shiso. // Agathe Hernandez

FEELING THIRSTY? Christian lets you choose: bring your own bottle or dig into his selection of natural wines, like a Vaucluse white from the Clos des Mourres (€5 a glass), a Basque white from Emmanuel Poirmeur that was vinified under water (€30 a bottle), etc.

PRICE: Menu €55 (6 or 7 courses), €60 if you bring your own wine.

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Restaurant Christian Qui
Les Goudes
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