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Circus Bakery

Restaurant Circus Bakery in ParisCircus Bakery (Paris)

Still warm cinnamon buns, incredible fruit tarts, sourdough bread… Owned by Youssef Li (Fragments, Cravan and La Chance), this bakery with only a mini counter and two benches to its name (one inside, one out) has already delighted Parisians with its lovely doughy goods. But now his crew are baking some incredible “pit-zas” in the wood-fired oven every day at lunch! These pita-style sandwiches are made in puffy pizza dough: rainbow roasted beets, ricotta, parsley, raisins and a sprinkling of zaatar; mozzarella, haricots verts, pickled tomatoes, mint and toasted almonds… And they’re even better when you eat them on the riverbank! Worth mentioning: from 5pm, Circus Bakery fires the oven back up to make some absolutely incredible pizzas from Thursday to Saturday! // J.G.

FEELING THIRSTY? There are various coffees roasted by Hexagone (espresso for €2.50, cappuccino for €5, iced latte for €6) or kombucha (€6).

PRICE: Buns €6, tarts €6-7, sandwiches €8, pizzas €15.

Getting there

Restaurant Circus Bakery
63, rue Galande
TEL: Pas de téléphone.
Subway: Cluny - La Sorbonne, Maubert - Mutualité