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Citizen Coffee

Restaurant Citizen Coffee in RouenCitizen Coffee (Rouen) - © Citizen Coffee

Six years ago, Citizen Coffee discreetly set up camp along the Place du 19-Avril-1944, and today their Fermob-furnished terrace(folding chairs, metallic tables) is the ultimate spot for college students. Inside the very cool space (exposed rafters, a white sheet metal counter, a big raw-wood table d’hôte), you can grab breakfast with granola (+ fromage blanc, sliced banana, kiwi and strawberries for €5.50) or a thick slice of brioche French toast (+ maple syrup, crushed hazelnuts and a spoonful of whipped cream for €6). Or come for one of their super healthy lunch options: a fresh plate of quinoa, kale, pomegranate and a basil dressing (€10) or avocado toast with celery root velouté (€12). And don’t forget about their cakes for an afternoon snack (lemon-ginger, €4 a slice). To drink, there’s a classic Brooklyn Lager, freshly made juice (kale, pineapple and apple, €5.50) and XXL caramel macchiatos made with Lomi espresso beans! À la carte €12.90-23. Coffee €1.70-4.50. // A.S.

Getting there

Restaurant Citizen Coffee
4, rue de l'Ecureuil
TEL: +33 2 35 71 49 42