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Restaurant CopperBay  in MarseilleCopperBay (Marseille) - © Juliette Mallat

What a view, all dressed in blue, on the corner of such a lovely rue! Seven years after the Parisian CopperBay first set sail, its southern alter ego has cast anchor in Marseille (an ocean blue facade, light hardwood floors, wooden furniture), on a mission to capsize local hearts. Who’s the captain of this beautiful vessel? The very discreet David Mijoba (ex-Café des Épices, winner of Le Fooding’s Best One Man Chaud award of 2004), who stewed up a classy and hearty menu the day we went for lunch: memorable fresh anchovies marinated in lemon, to be dipped into an anchoiade sauce with wild herbs, plus a cherry and beet jus; plump beef cheek ravioli with braised new onions and fennel, paired with an electrifying chimichurri sauce; before strawberries and white peaches for dessert, topped with a strawberry-litchi sorbet that was perfect for cooling off after too many hours in the sun… // Juliette Mallat

FEELING THIRSTY? A selection of naturopath wines (an Angevin white from La Ferme du Mont Benault at €5 a glass, a Rhone Grenache from the Domaine Gramenon at €43 a bottle…), and more importantly, a cocktail menu (€12 each), which includes a Tzatziki made from vodka, mastika liqueur, goat’s milk, cucumber, lemon, dill and Thai basil. Unless you’d rather opt for the house pastis (€4), made in partnership with the Distillerie de la Plaine.

PRICE: Set menus €23-27 (lunch), small plates €9-13 (dinner).

Getting there

Restaurant CopperBay
36, bd Notre-Dame
MOBILE: Tél. : +33 7 67 65 23 78
Subway: Estrangin Préfecture
Website: copperbay.fr