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Coutume Café

Restaurant Coutume Café in ParisCoutume Café (Paris)

High walls and timeworn mouldings, lichen and aloe growing in the sink, white laboratory tiles and scientific machines… Caffeine junkies have found their temple! With ambient music flowing in the background, the foam of the percolators flows like rivers of black ink. The trendiest Parisian coffee shop serves the bitter petit noir around the bar, prepared either cold or hot, as espresso, filtered or French press. The elementary particles of the dark drink pair off nicely with breakfast, lunch or snacks – Agua Limpa from Brazil, Buku Abel from Ethiopia, El Paraíso from Guatemala… That day on the €15 set lunch menu: a tasty old-fashioned potato and wholegrain mustard soup; a respectable buttered and toasted tartine under a Vivaldian melody of burrata, fresh peas, haricots verts, hazelnuts, pickled onions and strawberries; and a good slice of carrot cake (€5). Have it all with an iced Sitio Canaã coffee from Brazil (€5), a Astroblonde beer from Demory (€6 for 330 ml), or a white Côtes-Catalanes from Le Mas Las Cabes (€7 a glass). Set menus €15 (lunch), plates €5-17, brunch €20-30 (Saturday and Sunday). // M.J.-D. 

Getting there

Restaurant Coutume Café
47, rue de Babylone
TEL: +33 1 45 51 50 47
Subway: Saint-François-Xavier