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Crêperie des Promenades

Restaurant Crêperie des Promenades in Saint-BrieucCrêperie des Promenades (Saint-Brieuc) - © Tina Meyer

You don’t come here to admire the décor (it’s down a grey alleyway, there are ugly place mats…), but rather for a stroll through Lena’s land of crepes – she’s the local star of the bilig whose famous adieux two years ago brought the whole district to tears. And for good reason! The lady is unparalleled when it comes to filling her soft, light galettes with products from Brittany, a land she holds so dear to her heart: excellent organic andouille from the Maison Lefebvre (€7), bay scallops in a magical chive cream (€12); or, the latest house invention, a buckwheat waffle topped with country bacon, an egg and market veggies (€9.60). As for the sweets, the classics are all there, like her signature salted caramel crepe (€4.80) or the one with homemade frangipane (€5). To drink, there are organic farm-fresh ciders that have been carefully chosen: Le P’tit Fausset at €9 a bottle, Cellier from La Ville Loyo for €8… Also, take note, there’s a kig ha farz event every second Thursday of the month, or rather, an incredible Breton pot-au-feu made with buckwheat semolina (€15). Galettes €2.80 to €12, crepes €2.80 to €7.50. // R.deC. 

Getting there

Restaurant Crêperie des Promenades
18, rue des Promenades
TEL: +33 2 96 33 23 65