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Restaurant Doppio in GoultDoppio (Goult)

Bistro tables, fairy lights strung up in the trees, breathtaking views of the Luberon… For anyone heading south for vacation, Alexandre Boitier (ex-Big Mamma) and Raphaël Schaffner have resuscitated an old restaurant along the 900 regional highway. At Doppio, beautiful Neapolitan rounds of pizza parade out to the beat of a very groovy playlist. The night we went, straight out of the wood-fired oven: a buxom Margherita with fior di latte; an imperial Romana with anchovies, oregano and small black olives from Gaeta; a cheeky San Daniele with jambonnade, cherry tomatoes and shaved Parmesan… Before three organic scoops of Terre Adélice ice cream for the chilly finale. In short, a well-run spot where you might even run into Alain Chabat if you’re lucky… // Aïtor Alfonso

FEELING THIRSTY? There are clean local wines (a very drinkable macerated white from the Val de Combrès at €5 a glass), Italian wines (a red Piedmont from Torelli at €28 a bottle) and house cocktails, like the Coriander made with rum, mezcal, coriander and ginger ale (€9).

PRICE: Pizzas €9-15, snacks €4-10, desserts €3-7.

Getting there

Restaurant Doppio
Quartier Pied-Rousset-Sud
TEL: +33 4 90 72 44 57