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Restaurant Doppio in GoultDoppio (Goult)

Along the D900 country road, Alexandre Boitier (ex-Big Mamma in Paris) and Raphaël Schaffner set up their big Neapolitan wood-fired pizza oven in a garden decked out with fairy lights, flirting with the surrounding lavender fields and fruit trees. The two friends send out plump pizzas to a backdrop of electro music: a classic Bufalina with buffalo mozzarella, olive oil and basil; a libidinous San Daniele combining fior di latte, glistening San Daniele ham, arugula, cherry tomatoes, grated Parmesan and olive oil; or even a 4 formaggi dripping with fior di latte, goat cheese, stracciatella and taleggio, all sprinkled with caramelized onions. Plus, there are a few mezze tucked away somewhere on the menu (hummus, tzatziki, baba ganoush, grilled halloumi salad..) and some delicious Ardèche ice cream from Terre Adélice to finish in good, organic form! // G.LeP.

FEELING THIRSTY? A Henri Badouin pastis (€3 for 30 ml), Nikka Taketsuru Japanese whiskey (€7 a glass), well-crafted cocktails (like the Germain combining gin, St-Germain liqueur, vermouth, lemon juice, cucumber and tonic, €9), and a few, mostly natural wines, including a Luberon red from Le Val de Combrès (€6 a glass).

PRICE: Pizzas €9-17, mezzes €4-10.

Getting there

Restaurant Doppio
Quartier Pied-Rousset-Sud
TEL: +33 4 90 72 44 57