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Faggio Salumeria

Restaurant Faggio Salumeria in ParisFaggio Salumeria (Paris) - © The Social Food Paris

Warning: this establishment was tested before the reign of Covid 19… Certain information may no longer be up to date in regards to the current situation: hours, menu, prices…

When choosing between the verbs être and avoir, Fabien Lombardi (ex-L’Entrée des artistes) decided to conjugate his hêtre (“faggio” in Italian, or “beech” in English) without an auxiliary. After Faggio Pizzeria and Faggio Osteria, now there’s Faggio Salumeria, also on rue Rochechouart. What you need to know: it’s a chic épicerie stuffed full of Italian delicacies (Sangiolaro tinned anchovy and tuna fillets, Mongetto sauces, nocciolini from Bonfante, Setaro pasta…) and natural wines without borders: a fruity Italian Bizona, a Catalan Partida Creus VN or a Beaujolais, La Bonne Pioche (€25 to €27 a bottle). It’s also the ideal spot to grab a delicious sandwich at lunch, every day of the week: Prince de Paris ham (€5); merguez and homemade samurai sauce (€7.50); veal Milanese with sauce gribiche (€8.50), etc. And don’t forget about the small dinner plates, which you can savor during drawn out apéro hours: incredible vitello tonnato with smoked capers (€9); bitter broccoletti with salty anchovies (€5.50); deviled eggs with delicious mayonnaise (€5.50); Treviso radicchio topped with a Gorgonzola and hazelnut sauce (€6), etc. It’s even better with a glass of Riesling from the Castelo Stefanago (€5.50). À la carte €18-27. // Victoire Vollot

Getting there

Restaurant Faggio Salumeria
72, rue de Rochechouart
TEL: + 33 1 40 37 44 02
Subway: Barbès - Rochechouart, Anvers
Website: faggio.fr