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Restaurant Grillé in ParisGrillé (Paris)

Le Guide Fooding’s Best finger-lickin’ good spot of 2014

When Fred Peneau makes you a tasty “grillé” sandwich using homemade Kurdish bread (prepared using organic wheat and spelt flours) filled with suckling veal from Hugo Desnoyer shaved off the spit, and fresh herbs (mint, cilantro, parsley), you almost feel like this kebab could be good for you! It gets even tastier with a green sauce (green tomato pulp, green chilies, sweet Sicilian onions) or tahini with eggplant and farm-fresh fromage blanc. This satisfying sandwich means you’ll get your five fruit and vegetables a day! So go ahead and order the fries (+€3.10) and maybe an artisanal caramel ice cream from Emmanuel Ryon (€4.90) for dessert! To drink, there’s Gallia beer (€4.20 for 330 ml) and artisanal Esperanza coffee (€1.50), plus your typical sodas (€2.50 for 330 ml). Kebab €9.20. // S.L. 

Getting there

Restaurant Grillé
15, rue Saint-Augustin
TEL: +33 1 42 96 10 64
Subway: Quatre Septembre