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Hôtel Bachaumont

Restaurant Hôtel Bachaumont in ParisHôtel Bachaumont (Paris) - © Paul Bowyer

It’s a prime spot for a successful date. The spirited Hôtel Bachaumont decorated by Dorothée Meilichzon has everything you’ll need to close the deal: a widescreen kitchen with copper pots and pans hung on the walls, a bar made out of expensive wood, a stylish lettered glass shop front, faux-marble armchairs that relax your lumbar spine, a dinner menu that’s all about seeing and being seen, perfect cocktails (starting at €14), bedrooms upstairs and a lunch set menu for “day use” crafted by Benoît Dumas (ex-Senderens). Seated on the terrace that Wednesday lunchtime, for €29 we had lively flame-charred asparagus striped with marinated sardines and dots of lemon curd; roasted eggplant with stewed veal belly and an atomic artichoke purée; before a praline crème brûlée. Come nighttime, dare to dream: wild meager, peas, carrots and a rich jus (€26); shared cuts of meat like lamb shoulder with savory (€72) or wild bass in a salt crust with choron sauce (€95). And to drink, there’s a white Côtes-Catalanes from Tramontane (€5 a glass), Bruno Paillard Champagne (€17 a glass) or haute mixology, Petit Prince style (Calvados, poiré, ginger syrup and bitters, €14). Set menus €24-29 (lunch), à la carte €40-80. // A.A. 

Getting there

Restaurant Hôtel Bachaumont
18, rue Bachaumont
TEL: +33 1 81 66 47 50
Subway: Sentier