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Kanna Tanna

Restaurant Kanna Tanna  in ParisKanna Tanna (Paris) - © Kanna Tanna

Inside this electric blue café (kitchen behind a glass partition, mirrors with Sinhalese words scribbled out onto them, bistro tables), expect carefully prepared Sri Lankan cuisine! The curries – tuna, beef, lentils or green beans – are adapted to western palates and are spooned over white rice (€15). Plus, there’s kottu roti from Colombo (a spicy chopped wheat flatbread with julienned vegetables, €13) an egg hopper (a curved crepe with coconut milk and a fried egg. Give it the Bollywood touch with mango chutney, spicy onion chutney and tamarind sauce (€4.50); before an onomatopoeic watalappan – a Ceylon flan with kithul sugar sap (€6). To quench your thirst, there’s Lion beer (€6 for 330 ml) and a few clean wines – rioja Viña Ilusión (€6 a glass) or an Alsace Pinot gris from Vincent Fleith (€35 a bottle). Brunch €25-28 (Sunday), à la carte €12-25. // A.A.

Getting there

Restaurant Kanna Tanna
43, rue des Petits-Carreaux
MOBILE: +33 6 21 30 06 85
Subway: Sentier