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L'Anversis, Table de Montagne

Restaurant L'Anversis, Table de Montagne  in LamouraL'Anversis, Table de Montagne (Lamoura) - © Bernard Robbe

As dictated by the local folklore, the Robbes’ Jurassian chalet is decked out with classic style (Alpine cow bells, a cow hide bar, vin jaune light fixtures, a grandfather clock…) and authentic terroir cuisine. Sensitive souls best steer clear: fondues with vieux Comté, three cheeses (abondance, tomme and Beaufort for the Savoyarde version), wild blueberries or escargot; hefty tartines (homemade cancoillotte cheese with cumin, morteau sausage cooked in red wine and wild thyme, veal grenadin with morel mushrooms, Bresse fattened hen cooked in vin jaune…), all served in a neat package with nettle soup beforehand, an herbed salad with the main course, and a supernatural dessert afterwards, like raspberry mousse over an absinthe panna cotta! The regional wine list is as beautiful as an antique: Fleur, a Chardonnay from Julien Labet (€6.50 a glass), a Ploussard Point Barre from Bornard (€36.50 a bottle), or a Savagnin Marnes Bleues from Fanfan Ganevat (€50)…. Or local La Franche beer (€3.90 for a half-pint), teas, coffee, plant-based infusions and almost thirty absinthes for a digestif! Fondues €25-41, menus €29-41 (with soup and dessert), kids €15. // D.N. 

Getting there

Restaurant L'Anversis, Table de Montagne
239, chemin de l'Anversis
TEL: +33 3 84 41 20 91
Website: lanversis.com