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L’Epicerie de Dienne

Restaurant L’Epicerie de Dienne in DienneL’Epicerie de Dienne (Dienne) - © Nathalie Balland

Best village bistro of 2017

On the road from Murat to Puy-Mary and in the heart of the small village of Dienne, don’t miss Christopher Wright’s spot. Inside this luminous épicerie with whitewashed walls, an antique sideboard, high tables and an open kitchen, the British chef unveils spirited and carefully prepared dishes. On the menu (€23) the day we went for lunch, chosen from three appetizers, two mains and three desserts: things got off to a rocky start with an overly salty anchovy tart, but were followed by some incredibly tender slow-roasted lamb from Corrèze with eggplant brunoise; before delicious Agen prunes in a bath of cinnamon-spiced white wine. To go with it all, there’s a nice 100% natural wine list: Terres Rouges, a Saint-Chinian from the Domaine de Gabelas (€3 a glass), N’Importnawak, a white VDF from Badoulin (€28 a bottle), a Comté Tolosan red from Stéphan Elzière (€31), etc. Menu-carte €23. // P.L. 

Getting there

Restaurant L’Epicerie de Dienne
4, route du Puy Mary
TEL: + 33 4 71 20 59 84